Tenets of the Truth of Reality

Everything you need is there for you

You are a being of free flowing love

Light is the creative force of the universe

Daily interaction with Light enhances well being

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Life as Meditation 

Life as meditation is a concept people in our society don’t have the time to contemplate. Take a moment to ask, “Who am I”? Get in the flow of your life. Make the most of yourself. More

Converse with Angels

There are angels all around us. We do not have to call them. They are here, interacting energetically with us and our environment.. Their consciousness is active and available to us. How can you hear sounds from another plane of existence? More

Objectivity = Freedom = Love

Love flows naturally from the pure heart. The Angels tell us this is so and our experience proves it. How do we purify our thoughts and actions so that we can respond to the natural song/calling of our hearts. More

The Afterlife

Life is a continuum. Your consciousness travels with you through eternity. Wherever you focus your consciousness, the truth expands into your awareness. Life in the body is temporary, but the consciousness soul is eternal, living in different spheres of reality at different times. More

The Flow of Life
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