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There are angels all around us. We do not have to call them. They are here, interacting energetically with us and our environment.. Their consciousness is active and available to us. How can you hear sounds from another plane of existence?

The angels’ voices come through a different vibration than most people are use to hearing. This vibration is in the sound vibration of the syllable, OM. The vibration is accessed through tuning in to the subtle places that coexist with the more familiar physical reality.

In the 1960’s, many people in the Baby Boomer generation experimented with psychedelic herbs and drugs. One thing that came out of these experiences is the understanding, or at least the concept, that there are possibly different planes of existence, simultaneously existing with our “normal” plane of existence—the plane of existence we perceive with our physical senses. We can tune in to these other spheres of existence and interact with the beings that vibrate there. This may sound like science fiction, but we do not need a rocket ship or a time machine or any devices to tune in to these vibrations. All we need is intention and a clear conscience.

By saying a clear conscience, we embrace your various levels of thinking and perception, both developed and as yet undeveloped. We embrace your karmic destiny and the growth you have chosen to endeavor towards. We embrace your totality— physical, spiritual, intentional, conscious and unconscious.

There are those people who are gifted with the ability to hear the angelic beings broadcasting from other vibratory planes. Gifted is the word we use because it is a gift. You receive the ability to hear the angels, to coexist, integrating the physical and the spiritual. It is a gift that you earn by strong intention. Strong is another word, implying and bring with it many qualifiers.

When a person, and by our definition that refers to an eternal soul housed in a physical body, when a person wants very much to hear the angels for reasons of heartfelt love and the desire to understand themselves, an initiation path is activated for that person, body and soul. It may be that many people are already endeavoring on their activated initiation path. Prayer, contemplation, pondering, asking, have called forth their initiation. From where does this come?

There is an infinite intelligence that has a past and a future. It is organic, in that it responds to the actions and feelings, thoughts and prayers, of each individual. For each soul there is a specific response, tailor made for them and including their family. With a heartfelt asking of the spiritual world, the forces that be, the Light, the Truth— your life begins to become more accessible to you. Opportunities that may have already been there for you and went unnoticed are recognized. Now you are offered different things.

Purity of heart and intention are crucial at this beginning stage, because the response from the universe to your thoughts, desires, and needs becomes more obvious to you. Manifesting things and situations becomes possible. Many people never leave this stage. In fact, in this materialistic age, this stage of development is something greatly desired and is often seen as the end all and be all of life.

A pure heart, the strong intention to know the truth of yourself and all things, will allow you to take part in the manifestation of things without physical desires as a dominant motivator. A pure heart will allow you to look for something higher and more expansive. There is a place that is very accessible to human beings who are willing to purify their hearts, where communication with angelic beings is not only possible, but consistently, directly accessible. Angels will have conversations with you. You can include them in your reasoning and decision-making.

Let us return to the subject of “hearing” from this other plane. It is not always words that you may hear from the angels. Sometimes it is a knowing, a realization of something, a dropping away of some mindset or attachment that limited your ability to see possibilities, opportunities.

Let’s go step by step, and see how to activate your personal initiation path and hear the angels:

1. Transparency. Ask yourself how important it is to you to understand your destiny. Inquire within yourself about what is really important to you. It may be that you have to have categories. What is very important on the physical plane: your work, family, home? What is important to you on the soul level: who are you, what is your destiny, how can you serve?

Find out what is important to you. When you have honed this understanding, send out a call to the spiritual world, activate your soul journey, invite the angels into your consciousness towards an understanding of the truth of things. We call this “pulling”.

2. Pulling. Prayer and seeking petition the spiritual world to be active in your life. In so doing they will be active in your life. All that is temporary will become obvious to you. Anything put on, anything judgmental, anything projecting hatred, jealousy, pain, all these things become vehicles of transformation, the transformation that happens on the initiation path.

How do you see through the illusions of identification with the bodily consciousness and the limitations projected into your psychology by your life? That is the beauty of the specifically personal transformational initiation path that is activated for you, by you, by pulling—strong asking, deeply felt longing for truth, for right activity, for understanding, for the end of pain.

3. Participate. Go with the opportunities that present themselves to you. Answer an attraction to yoga, alone time, contemplation, meditation, art, music, beauty. In these activities, you will develop the ears to hear the angels. These activities, performed with a pure heart, will develop senses as yet unperceived. A heightened awareness of energy, the subtle feel of things, will become more and more available to you.

4. Possibilities. Allow your life to expand into the possibilities presented to you. Make the changes offered you on the physical plane. Begin to recognize the energetic of what is coming to you from your initiation path. This heightened awareness will recognize a different feeling when you think of one thing or another. Begin to apply conscious intention to recognizing that different feeling.

You have endeavored, by answering attractions, with a pure heart—a heart of transparent intention—and in so endeavoring, you have developed the ability to recognize destiny calling you. The initiation path is your own destiny. Contemplating your intention, sending out the call and in so doing involving the spiritual world in your process, gave you access to the destiny that you designed for yourself, a destiny perfectly suited for you.

Your destiny comes to you as an opportunity. You must accept the opportunity and engage. How you interact will help determine what is offered next. It is a very organic process of expanding opportunities, offered to develop your ability to choose in freedom and clarity. Along the way, you will learn many things through your experiences and the subjects you are attracted to study. There are continued opportunities for growth on all levels.

What keeps this process dynamically going is your consistent interest and willingness to be transparent in your intentions, with no tricks or pretenses in the mind. In order to have this purity of knowledge about yourself, you learn to examine, to take a look at the mind. You begin to realize, that when you think limiting thoughts or have judgments or jealousies, things slow down. When you are practicing a “mindful thankfulness”, when you can see the beauty of life, everything is quickened, enlivened. You determine the flow of your life. Answer that inner call to contemplation.

Once you begin to include the voice of the angels in your life, wisdom is with you. Give credence to the small knowing thoughts about any subject, that you have, and let go of too quickly. Refine your self-awareness. Let intuition abound in your consciousness. Ask to hear the angels and the truth of things will become accessible to you.

This article came through the meditation of Roseann Buritz.

Future Workshops will be offered based on the article.

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