Life as Meditation

Life as meditation is a concept people in our society don’t have the time to contemplate. Take a moment to ask, “Who am I”? Get in the flow of your life. Make the most of yourself.

Deep down, we all know that there is an easy way and a hard way to do things. By “things” I mean life. We know that if we take that extra moment to ask ourselves about a situation, we have an understanding that is beside, behind, right next to, what we “think” about things.

We know that there is a purpose to life and that we, ourselves, have meaning. Sometimes life can seem routine or limited. This does not have to be the case. There is an organization, a Hierarchy, in the Spiritual World, whose whole purpose is to shed light, to illuminate your destiny for you … and you, and you, and everyone — angels, poised to help you find your real calling in life, willing to help you face the challenges and growth inherent in life.

No one can tell you what your destiny is. Only you can discern the difference between inspiration and desire. But this Hierarchy is there, poised, to help you develop discernment, to help you understand and develop a relationship with the Spiritual World and your own mind — yes, your own mind. You, the eternal incarnating being, can and should have an intentional relationship with your own mind. You, who knows things, should be able to interact with your reactions.

The mind is not meant to run you — your body, yes, but not YOU. The mind is ideal for repeating and categorizing, and is essentially reliable at performing vital functions such as, beating the heart and housing YOU in a working body. But YOU, the eternal incarnating being, must incorporate the mind and all its memories, patterns and conditioning in the broader knowing of things.

You can live your life in such a way that your normal day is in the flow of your destiny. Your destiny is not outside of your present life. Meditation is the ability to engage in your life with your full faculties — the mind, the senses, the knowing of things. Come to The Flow of Life and find yourself there.

Spend some time allowing yourself to know things. Ask and let yourself know the answers. Begin to see life as a tableau on which you paint your life. You can begin to view your life in a different way. Begin to anticipate the changes you know would be good for you. You don’t have to make them happen. You only have to acknowledge the changes necessary and then participate when the opportunities for those changes are presented to you.

Let’s say you would like to live differently beginning tomorrow morning. When you awaken, remember to take a few moments to acknowledge yourself, the day ahead, and make an offering of your day to the Spiritual World. Just that much, offering your day with the understanding then that the optimum will be available for you that day and remembering, remembering during the day that you made the offering.

This Hierarchy of Angels, who are poised to help you understand your destiny and potentials in this life, are freedom loving Angels. A large part of what they do is allow you to be yourself. Only in the most extreme moments can and will these Angels intervene in your life uninvited. The method of engagement with these Angels is via questions, "Who am I? Here is my day, will you please optimize it? Can you help me see the truth of myself?” Our basic questions, the things everyone wants to know.

We do know, that is the point. Within each of us is the understanding of our destiny. To find the knowledge can take different roads for different people. We begin by asking a question, “Who am I?” The identification of your self as something other than your mind, than the organ that thinks and keeps the heart pumping — identifying and relating to your intelligence, that is more than a compilation of memories, impressions and conclusions — is the beginning of the freedom to choose your actions.

By practicing an awareness of yourself as yourself, and not as your mind, it is easier to feel and know the interconnectedness of all beings, the true brotherhood and sisterhood that is present outside of the ideas that have been learned in this lifetime. When you begin to feel the connection to all of humanity and all of life, you are never alone, nor is anything against you. You are a part of, linked with, the eternal flow of life.

To experience this, begin a short Light Meditation by simply lying down or sitting quietly with the spine straight and in a relaxed position. Allow the eyes to close and the body to take a few deep, centering breaths. Release all the thoughts of the day, worries and concerns. Allow the body to sink into stillness. Start to envision a glow of white light all around the body. The light is soothing, cooling, enlivening. Be aware of this light emanating from the body and being received by the body. The light is outside, all around you, and inside, glowing, illuminating, restoring, soothing. The light moves in waves in and out of the body with the rhythm of the breath. The body is light. Float ... become aware of the body again. Release the light. Open the eyes and resume the day. This type of meditation enhances your perception of yourself.

This process of self awareness can continue, ideally suited for you. Tune into yourself and the part of you that knows things will awaken. You can create your life. You can receive your life. The dreams of expression can be realized by allowing the part of you that knows these things to have a say. Let yourself know.

Blessings, blessings on the work.

The Flow of Life
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