Objectivity = Freedom = Love

Love flows naturally from the pure heart. The Angels tell us this is so and our experience proves it. How do we purify our thoughts and actions so that we can respond to the natural song/calling of our hearts.

Objectivity is a great purifier. The practice of objectivity in our daily lives will revolutionize our experiences. Train yourself to observe people, situations and thoughts. You, who are observing your mind thinking it’s conditioned judgments and classifications, can choose to watch with interest while the mind does it’s automatic process. Every time you choose not to identify with the mind as it goes about it’s automatic journey, you come closer to freedom and spontaneous, flowing love.

The love that flows through the practice of objectivity is a pure, joyous, unconditional love. Pure, in that it is not based on some idea in the mind, a lack that needs filling by another, or an ideal met. When we allow ourselves to truly see another person, or situation, or thought, with interest and objectivity, the levity of the object of observation becomes apparent. There is something very funny about things. A natural perception of the perfection of differences; the telling gesture of one observed, revealing some unique idiosyncrasy, endearing, ironic.

The observation of things, simultaneously watching the mind as it wants to do it’s categorizing, frees the individual to experience the moment without prejudice. This practice puts us in the moment to such a degree that even the mundane is interesting. We, and everything we observe, are set free to be thoroughly what we are right then. An appreciation for the harmony present in the natural state of being can be realized. LOVE, flowing naturally from the heart purified by the practice of objectivity, can revolutionize the world.

Roseann Buritz is a charismatic clairvoyant, artist and author of, The Flow of Life: Meditations from Angelic Guides and Guided Light Meditations.

The Flow of Life
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