The Afterlife

Life is a continuum. Your consciousness travels with you through eternity. Wherever you focus your consciousness, the truth expands into your awareness. Life in the body is temporary, but the consciousness soul is eternal, living in different spheres of reality at different times.

During an incarnation in the body, there are numerous opportunities to direct the consciousness soul towards the great mysteries of life. It is a benefit to yourself to ponder these mysteries and not to spend your incarnation exclusively developing temporary material comforts.

The Spiritual World provides for all your needs through opportunities to advance knowledge, clear up your past karma, and giving you sustenance during the time in the body. An understanding of this flow of manifestation and a surrender to the work at hand in your life can create an environment for yourself that allows health, satisfaction and growth during the earthly experience. There is nothing wrong in enjoying the sensual experience of life in a body. The difficulty comes in when creature comforts are the prime goal of life’s efforts. Developing an understanding of the Spiritual World and a connection to your own knowing, inspired by the Spiritual World, is paramount in achieving all that you set out for yourself during the time in the body.

When the time comes for you to pass from this earthly realm and your soul lifts from the body and returns to the Spiritual World, this knowledge of the mysteries serves you well. Your consciousness soul goes with you. If during your lifetime you denied the existence of the Spiritual World and focused on material development to the exclusion of spiritual understanding, you may very well experience confusion and distress when the soul lifts. There is a certain amount of feelings of separation from the body and one’s material family connections and the routine of life, which happens for everyone. However, the extreme pain and distress that individuals feel when they enter the Spiritual World in denial of its existence is likened to hell. When souls cross over to the Spiritual Realm in complete denial of their spiritual reality, there are extreme feelings of separation and distress. These feelings can persist for the duration of your time in the spiritual world, and there are other repercussions.

The time spent in the Spiritual World between incarnations is one of learning, review, healing, connection, and planning for the next life in the body. You can choose, based on your past experiences, what opportunities you will receive in your next life in the body. If you are not consciously present in the Spiritual World, but instead spend all your time there in regret and pain, following a lifetime of denial of spiritual existence, a denial that extends beyond the death of your body, you relinquish your input into your next incarnation.

It is not as if you are left in the lurch, because the angelic beings will plan for you and the incredible love that is there for you will prevail and allow all your needs to be met while in a body or in the Spiritual World. However, what you perceive is what you experience. If all you can do in the Spiritual Realm is regret not being in a body with all your past associations, then the suffering of loneliness and separation can be overwhelming.

The opportunities in the Spiritual World between the time of death and rebirth are numerous and unlimited. The Spiritual World is a place where you can review your past life’s experiences, connect with the highest illuminated beings and vibrations in all of existence, spend time with your family members, and again, plan for your upcoming incarnation. There are many pastimes available to you in the Spiritual World that encourage growth in your consciousness, just as when you are in a body. And similar to bodily existence, you get to choose the level of involvement you have in your own process. If you are in denial of Spirit, you experience denial instead of the communion and growth offered. Similarly, when you are in the body if you refuse to interact with those opportunities offered to you, you limit your growth.

You can see by what we are saying here that life is a continuum. Your light body resembles you. Your conscious goes with you. Your beliefs influence your experiences in the material world and in the Spiritual World. If your denial of the Spiritual World is very strong, it can completely eliminate your ability to perceive and experience the grace offered to you during the time between death and rebirth. It is similar to being unaware of a complete life while in the body. The time spent between incarnations is undetermined. There are many experiences in existence that are individually determined and that is one of them.

We are not suggesting that every person needs to spend their time studying spirituality. What we are saying is that if you contemplate the mysteries of life, you will receive an understanding of reality that will serve you throughout all of existence, in the body and in the Spiritual World. Without that knowledge, life can be very difficult to navigate. There is inspiration, guidance, knowledge, understanding and grace available to you at every moment while in the body or not in the body.

Avail yourself of these gifts, not only to pave the way for you to achieve all that is possible in experience and growth in this lifetime, but also as a way to make the transition to the Spiritual World and your time there, fruitful and expansive.

Suffering is a choice. Awareness is a choice. Firsthand knowledge of the mysteries of life is available to everyone. You simply have to ask inwardly.

The Flow of Life
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