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Roseann Buritz Dear Ones,

I have been a charismatic clairvoyant throughout my life. In childhood, I spontaneously moved back and forth between the realities of everyday life in the world, and states of connected meditation that were nurturing and developmental.

As I became more self aware, I could observe the Light experiences and begin to develop an understanding of what was happening to me.

I was never afraid of these spontaneous states of consciousness. Instead, I felt more my true self in meditation than in everyday, normal consciousness. I continued to experience spontaneous, expansive, connected states of being.

In my teen-age years, I embarked on a concerted pursuit of understanding clairvoyance, meditation, spiritual life and my relationship with God. I read everything I could find about different religions and spiritual paths. As I grew older and had more freedom to travel, I made pilgrimages to visit Saints and Sages through out the West and in India. I became involved in different religious practices. For many years, I practiced mantra meditation continuously, aloud in private, and silently while I maintained life’s routine. I studied anthroposophy, philosophy, and theosophy. I practiced objectivity. I prayed daily and continuously asked the Spiritual World for engagement, answers and service.

During all these years in pursuit of understanding, I worked closely with the Angelic Guides, pursuing the individual initiation path that they laid out for me. I consciously held some of the practices. Sometimes, with the license of my surrender and asking, the Guides would prompt a dream or set up a scenario in life that would facilitate growth and awareness in me. It has been and continues to be a process of letting go, embracing perfection, identifying with the truth, receiving the unlimited love that pours from the Spiritual World and developing confidence that this relationship is the eternal connection with life itself.

I have been through many trial and error moments with the Guides. Numerous times in my life I have heard to do one thing, thought about it and decided to do something else. Each time, at some point, I would remember the Guides’ advice, turn to that, and whatever impediments had arisen on my path would change and release. The Guides offer direct wisdom about every situation, through recognizing the Light energy, the Love energy, in everything. Once this sense of Light is developed in you, no decision is beyond a wise resolve and an appropriate resolution.

The Guides respect everyone’s process. They are ultimately magnanimous, loving beings who, when asked, have said they are here to help humanity have an understanding of our relationship with the spiritual world.

We are on an initiation path. Every one of us is on our own destiny path and it is a path of initiation. If we embark on this path consciously, we take up self-development and begin to have the opportunity to apply the truth of reality to all phases of life. If we deny or ignore our destiny path, life becomes materially based, and we embark on the pursuit of comfort and experience based on our limited knowledge.

My experience with destiny is that it is very growth prompting. Each choice that I perceive coming from the spiritual world offers an opportunity slightly larger than one I would have afforded myself through desire or thought. When I am courageous enough to participate in what is offered by the spiritual world and follow my inspiration, life opens up in ways I wouldn’t have imagined, serving all.

This practice and study has given me the understanding that service is the highest and most pleasurable endeavor for embodied souls. I realize that we have to qualify for service through sincerity, intention and a thirst for the truth. We cannot hold tightly to our limited personal prejudices, but instead must embrace the love that is natural between everyone. Compassion springs forth easily from the pure heart. Love is the great purifier.

For many years I have been an intermediary, facilitating people’s conversations with the Angelic Guides. There is an ever-increasing flow of information and insight available from the Guides. We at Transparent Publishing have begun to record the transmissions that come from the Guides. These will be made available through this web site and other communication channels.

The processes necessary to perceive and engage in your personal destiny initiation path are outlined in the book, The Flow of Life: Meditations from Angelic Guides. The companion CD set of Guided Light Meditations is an experiential component to The Flow of Life. The meditations allow everyone to experience the eternal aspect of themselves, to heal, grow, release, relax, tune in, connect, and more. These works are available now to assist the gift of spiritual initiation available for everyone.

Roseann is currently offering empowerments, meditations and personal work. Everyone can benefit from the work outlined in The Flow of Life and the practical, valuable insights coming from the Guides. Transparent Publishing has been created to facilitate this work. It is obvious to Roseann and her husband, Bhagavan, that there are many opportunities to offer this work to everyone. They cannot possibly fulfill all the potential themselves. If you feel inspired to help bring the work of the Guides to all those who are asking for the truth of life, please contact us at publisher@transparentpublishing.com.

• • •

November 20, 2011

Dear Friends

It has been a while since I updated my journal, but the journey continues in exciting and revealing ways.  Bhagavan and I have been traveling quite a bit in the past 6 months, first too Mount Shasta in July and then to Italy and in India this Fall. 

At Mount Shasta we went as far up the mountain as the snow allowed and even in July there was considerable snow this year.  One of the reasons that we went to Mount Shasta was that I heard in my meditation that I would be offered association with the Ascended Masters and I did have that association and more... Over the course of several meditations I had visions of the spiritual world and direct transmissions with Anat Kumar, a spiritual Master and friend on the subtle plane.  The incredible Light realms are accessible on the holy Mountain to many meditators.

Years ago, I had read accounts of these visions in the publications from The Great White Brotherhood, but I had never made the pilgrimage to experience what is available there.  In addition to the revealed Masters teachings, I was given the go ahead to bring forward a history of an ancient people who lived on the Mountain before Europeans came to America.  These stories are very interesting and detailed.  The tapes are in our accumulation of amazing channelings that we will publish at some point.

We are in Rome now and I have found tremendous grace and gifts from the Holy Mother available to me in the churches here.  My meditation has taken me to new dimensions of understanding and communion with All That Is.  The history of Mother churches here and all over Italy holds the essence of the Holy Mother’s Divine Grace. Before and after our time in India, I have had the opportunity to meditate with the Divine Mother and receive gifts of courage and understanding to be better able to do the service that is set out for me. . I am still integrating those meditations and I feel incredibly blessed and expanded by their power.

India is the mother of spirituality in action. What a time we had, full of polarity.  The challenges of the material world with all its pollution and crowdedness, balanced by expanded Gurus and spiritual seekers from across the globe.  We stayed in Ashrams in Vrindaban and Rishikesh.  In Vrindaban we immersed ourselves in Krishna consciousness with a revealed Guru, Paramadvaita Swami, and his warm and loving sanga in Vrinda Kunge ashram.  We spent our days in mantra meditation and visited many temples on walks, and also on boat and bus rides with the Guru to temples in and around Vrindaban.  It was the holy month of Kartika with the Diwali festival of light and celebrations of Govradan Puja, a revealed past time of Lord Krishna. While having wonderful association with devotees, we had the elevated experience available through the practice of Krishna consciousness which is like an express train to the Devine. Some of our group took initiation with Swami Paramadvaita, receiving the blessing of guided practice.  Krishna Consciousness is a dedicated path with absorption in God available to those who dedicate themselves to its practice with devotion.

Our time in Rishikesh was another aspect of devotional life in the realized practice of Sanatana Dharma, the embrace of all pathways to God, facilitated by Guru Swami Puja Chidananda. His large and accommodating ashram hosts seekers of all paths looking for deepening on their journeys. While we were there the international group of 3HO, Kundalini Yoga, had a celebration of 11/11/11 with yoga and devotional music.  Rishikesh was full of music, dance and yoga.  The Ganges River is very near Its source in Rishikesh so it was clean and fresh.  We were able to get in the Mother River every day for a divine bath. One of our group took initiation with Chidananda Swami as she has had a long association with Him. As part of her initiation we were able to participate in jugna, or fire puja. The Swami in his embrace of Sanatana Dharma, was welcoming of my work and I was able to share the Guides and their teachings with many individuals in Rishikesh.

While we travel there is always service to perform.  Sometimes it is direct and obvious as I share the Guides with people and groups, and sometimes the work is more subtle as the Guides bring forth insight about situations and individuals. Whatever the work may be, I always see that I have been prepared before hand to perform the service. My performance is not always perfect and sometimes I reflect and see how I was caught in my thoughts or fears, but ultimately with the Grace of the Guides and the Holy Mother, I am able to serve and grow

I look forward to hearing from you, and associating with you and the many yet to come in the Light of our journey towards God.  Love is the key and loving ourselves is a primary step.

Thank you to all the revealed Masters, the Gurus and the Divine Mother’s Grace for the enlightening experiences we have had this past year.  I spent the end of 2010 asking for personal purification and clarity in my work.  I have received so much guidance and deepening in 2011 as an answer to my prayers.  All of our prayers are answered in perfect ways.

Love and Blessings,


• • •

Beginning in January, 2012, I will be offering group Empowerment Meditations on the phone.  If you are interested in attending these and receiving the benefit of Empowerment Meditation with the Guides, please get in touch with me.

The benefits of these empowerments have been many fold.

  1. The wisdom imparted from the Guides is always valuable and interesting, often answering the questions held by the participants without them being asked.
  1. The empowerments are energizing. Some experiences people have shared are: light visions, samadhi, deepened meditation, clarity of thought, insight into issues they were holding, heart opening, nurturing, warmth. It seems like the energy radiating when meditating with the Guides, imparts to each one in response to what they need or are looking for. The more open people are, the more there is available to them.
  1. People receive an experience of being in this higher vibration for an extended period of time. I see the value in the conversations with the Guides and the wisdom that comes from Them, but I also see that simply being in Their vibration is expansive. Familiarity with these vibrations eases access to deep meditation.
  1. Receiving insight in answers to direct questions that have personal and group significance offers support and practical methods of growth and healing. The guides are incredibly practical and esoteric at the same time. They draw from the truth of reality, defined as an understanding of life that is available to all.

My second book, a guide to health and healing, has been fully recorded from meditations with the Guides. We are in the process of making this inspired material available to you.

The Flow of Life: Meditation from Angelic Guides, and the Guided Light Meditation CD set, are available on this web site, at presentations, from your favorite bookseller, and at Amazon.com. These tools from the Guides are invaluable in navigating ourselves towards spiritual understanding.

Many Blessings,


The Flow of Life
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