Seekers are finding the Guides

Dear Friends, this came in anonymously from out web site.  I am so happy people are finding the Guides

“I was pondering on the learning of knowledge about tuning into other “channels” of existence, as if we humans were all on 101.1 FM and I was trying to tune into another channel like 103.5 FM, just for example’s sake. So I googled “Tuning into another conscience”, and a little ways down was your article titled “Converse with angels”, which I interpreted as “Converse with Higher Beings(“angels” is a term understood more). But what really struck me, what really said hey-this-stands-out-more-than-other-planes-of-existence-articles, was that, instead of describing your discovered wisdom in hard-to-understand syntax and sentence structure, you connected with the closed-eyed general public, and asked questions like “Ask yourself how important it is to understand your destiny. Inquire within yourself about what is really important to you. It may be that you need categories. What is very important on the physical plane: your work, fam! ily, home? What is important to you on the soul level:  who are you, what is your destiny, how can you serve?” These simple questions help even the most untrained person discover true goodness in our world. Thank you, and bless you.”

From our clients…

Dear Friends,

Please share your experiences with the Guides with us here. I am honored to know you and share this work with you.



“We are so incredibly pleased with our two sessions we have had with the Guides and Roseann. Doug and I have been to so many people and this is the first time anyone has been so clear on all our issues and so clear on practical solutions. We both feel like a huge weught has been lifted off our shoulders and great hope for a future that is free of what has been keeping us down and keeping us away from our real selves and real happiness. Roseann and the Guides are so loving and supportitve and we really appreciate that! We feel so blessed. Thank you! ”
—Jan and Doug Weber, Chang Mai, Thailand


“Thank you very much Roseann & B! I am grateful for my session with the guides. I am feeling calm, clearer & thankful. Now to just lighten up a bit!”
—JH, Big Island of Hawaii