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      Angel Insights



Angel Insight into 2012 and the Mayan Calendar

Angel Insight into Global Warming

Angel Insight into Election 2012





A Different Vibration (8:21)

Choose Your Destiny (3:21)

Freedom and Destiny (7:02)

How Do You Know Another (7:02)

Karma, Destiny, and the Mode of Goodness (8:23)

Love and Its Disguises (7:48)

Participation and Persistence (10:11)

The Challange of This Time (9:40)

The New Clairvoyance (13:00)

Witness the Changes (5.59)


Interviews and Podcasts



Roseann guests on Inspiration from Spirit Live
with Lee Chapin
(61 minutes)

Salvatore on Blog Talk Radio (45 minutes)




Service, Dharma, and the Mode of Goodness - August 9, 2015
Questions and Answers

Anticipation and Expectation - July 19, 2013
Questions and Answers

Spiritual Possibilities - August 18, 2013
Questions and Answers

The Significance of Past Lives - April 28, 2014

Color and Light Meditation - July 9, 2014

First Chakra Meditation - July 19, 2014

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The seminars are a progressive education in Vibrational Meditation. We invite you to make time to attend these seminars here.
The Visioning Seminar offers training in Vibrational Evaluation—recognizing the difference between inspiration and desire, as we navigate life’s choices and opportunities.
If you are considering participating in these seminars, contact Roseann who is available for questions and advice at
We encourage everyone to listen to and study these seminars regardless of financial means. If you do participate, we suggest a donation of $100 per multi-session seminars. Please make an affordable donation to support this work.
All event and seminar recordings are live and unedited.

Vibration Meditation, six sessions - April and May, 2013

Vibrational Meditation, five sessions in Sarasota Florida - January, 2014

Exploring Clairvoyance One, 4 sessions - November - 2013

Exploring Clairvoyance Two, 4 sessions - February, 2014

Visioning, May 20, 2016 | September 20, 2016 | September 22, 2016



The Flow of Life
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