The Flow of Life  

The Flow of Life:
Channeled Meditations from Angelic Guides
by Roseann Buritz


This book is a call to live a free and honest life. Beginning with an explanation of the relationship possible for every human being with the Spiritual World, the revealed discourses give us a way to explore our psychology to bring up to date the creative memories and conclusions we hold there. 208 pages of inspired wisdom.

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The Flow of Life CD  

The Flow of Life - Guided Light Meditations
2 CD Set


When you experience these meditations, you will recall these experiences  in your day to day life and begin to receive the benefit from the memory alone. In addition to being a vessel for healing meditation, conscious expansion and connection, this CD set is a tutorial in recognizing different vibrational levels of connection with the Spiritual World.

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The Flow of Life
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